Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When Nukes and the Mob Work Together

The UT System has been trying for years, and is on the cusp of achieving, a relationship in which the UT System would essentially run the Los Alamos National Laboratory (aka "The Nuke Factory") over the fierce objections of groups like UT Watch and others.

The main complaint is that Los Alamos is a hornet's nest of unruly employees, international espionage (Wen Ho Lee), and mafia-style Omerta secrecy. The UT System dismisses these claims with a wave of its hand, insisting that partnering with a nuke factory will bring the UT System some much-needed "prestige." Know what else could bring some prestige? Some state funding.

Well, someone should ask Los Alamos auditor Tommy Hook what he thinks about the prestige of working at Los Alamos after he was almost beaten to death prior to appearing at a congressional hearing to blow the whistle on some shady Los Alamos accounting.

Prestigious indeed. I can only hope the UT System architects behind this sordid deal get the "Tommy Hook Treatment" for their hard work.


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