Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Drowning Man

The rats are fleeing the ship.

Fresh off the news that Virginia governor wannabe Jerry Kilgore (aka The Devil) won't be joining Bush at a Northern Virgina GOP fundraiser tomorrow -- we find out that The Terminator and the California GOP are "angry" at Bush for coming there recently.

From CNN:

Bush's appearance on Thursday evening in California, however, didn't suit some members of the state GOP. They said his stop at a $1 million Republican National Committee fundraiser was poorly timed because of the upcoming special election.

Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to court independents and Democrats, two voter blocs that typically haven't supported Bush.

"Unless President Bush is coming to California to hand over a check from the federal government to help us with the financial challenges we face, the visit seems ill-timed," said Karen Hanretty, a spokeswoman for the state Republican Party.

Schwarzenegger chose not to attend the Thursday night fundraiser or the event at the library where Bush was to lay a wreath in memory of the late ex-president.

During a campaign stop Wednesday in Anaheim, Schwarzenegger addressed why he was passing on the opportunity to sit with Bush."We're in high gear right now for our campaign," he said. "So of course, right now, it's all about paying attention to that. So this is why I couldn't really accept the invitation to be part of the ceremony at the Reagan Library out there."

Translation: We don't need Bush coming here and fucking up our operation like he does everything else.