Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Frankenstein's Monster

The NY Times is running a piece on how NYC's falling crime rate is going to be Bloomberg's ace in the hole for re-election.

Is that all it's about? Is this all we expect of our elected officials now? Safety and security? What about a vision for the future, compassion for the poor and marginalized, defending liberty against fascist federal laws??? If we continue to reward security over all else, then our elected officials are going to get more and more ambitious with their plans to keep us safe.

Hell, scrap Posse Comitatus and give me the military, a battalion of SWAT teams, martial law, and a castrated media and I'll reduce crime too!

I'll scrap any existing records guaranteeing anything resembling "rights," institute a curfew, round up any "agitators," hang some people in the town square, and let my paramilitary goons terrorize the citizenry into submission.

Hey, the Taliban made Afghanistan crime-free, why did we have such a problem with them?


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