Monday, March 06, 2006

I want Chris Bell's money

OK, I was going to refrain from posting another hit on Chris Bell (the barrel has few fish left) but then I came across a little nuglet on In the Pink blog about Bell buying ad space on blogs for his governor's race. From In the Pink:

Bell flack Jason Stanford: “Chris has always said that cultivating the netroots is vital to running a successful statewide race nowadays, and as it turns out, he’s quite a farmer… Chris is reading these blogs every day, he’s gotten to know some of the bloggers, and he held a conference call for Texas bloggers last week.”

So, what, Chris lost my number? Sheesh, you write a few things about someone and all of a sudden, oops, you’re banished from the rolodex.

The Chris Bell Committee has purchased advertising space for “Don’t Mess With Ethics” on Burnt Orange, Austinist, Austin Metblogs and Crawfish Boxes. Giving it up for free? Just Another Blog, GOP Lies, Greg’s Opinion, Corked Bats, 100 Monkeys Typing, The Red State, Common Sense and Truth Serum.

Well, P.A. was lucky enough to have Stanford comment on a much earlier post but we ain't gettin' any of that sweet Bell cash so I plan on dissing Chris Bell until he gives this blog some hush money (hey, after Google Ads screwed us, we're broke).

So here goes:

When you have Gonzo Barrientos and an East Austin restaurant, you should be able to pack the place -- particularly if you're a Democrat running for governor.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you don't like him), Chris Bell was only able to get "about 30" people to show up to hear his stance on public education yesterday (incidentally, he's for it in case you were wondering), according to the Austin American-Statesman. Hell, couldn't you just include the regulars who eat there after church in your final count?

Meanwhile, Podcast-less Bob Gammage, another even less-known white dude, was able to muster "several hundred" people to hear him speak at a rally in El Paso.

More importantly, Gammage's spokesman Jeremy Warren was able to convince the Statesman refer to Gammage as, "a fighter willing to stand up to corrupt Republicans in Washington."

Just to remind our readers about this gem from Bell flack Jason Stanford in regard to the absolutely catastropic John Kelso "food fight" column they tried to get written about Bell:

"People are a lot more likely to read about a food fight than his position on taxes," said Jason Stanford, Bell's press guy. "This could go down on my record as one of the dumbest things to do in politics, but it should make for a good column."
Just remember, if you're going to go public with the news that you're buying ad space on some blog and not the others, then expect the reprecussions -- particularly if you're running a shitty Democratic campaign.

You can't expect to not be criticized for paying blogs like Burnt Orange to write nice things about you if you don't also pay splinter blogs like P.A. to NOT write bad things about you.

We whore for no one but ourselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the difference: Jeremy Warren is a good flack, press sec for Rodney Ellis in Austin and Ken Bentsen in DC.

11:34 AM  
Blogger bda said...

30 people for a Democratic governor candidate? I got more people than that to show up to a University Dems meeting to hear Gisela Triana speak.

1:50 PM  
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