Wednesday, May 19, 2010

friendliness in Mendoza

Went to look at an apartment today. I met the owner's husband at his medical office (he's a pediatrician) and he took a 30 minute break to walk over to the apartment and show it to me. The apartment was tiny and weird. I stammered that I would get back to him. And then the doc asked me if he could buy me a cup of coffee to welcome me to Mendoza. I was stunned. Where does that happen? We stopped in a cafe, had an espresso, and chatted for 20 minutes. He gave me tips on how not to get mugged, talked some shit about porteños, said he'd connect me with some of his lawyer friends, chatted some about the wine business. and suggested his son (who's in university) and I get together, to practice English and Spanish, respectively. Told me to call him if I needed anything in Mendoza. I was suspicious the whole time, but I think he's just an avuncular, nice Mendocino.

Also, some wines to recommend: